Monday, October 26, 2015

Particles Behaving Strangely

Clothes dry at room temperature because the particles of water on the clothes are always moving because a water particle is a group of molecules always moving together. As the particles start moving off the clothes, the gas particles, which are always moving randomly, mix with the water particles and take them off the rest of the way.

In this picture you can see the yellow particles ( the water particles) mixing with the blue particles ( the air particles )

Liquids boil at a lower temperature when they are at a higher altitude because there is more are pressure in a lower altitude. So, the pressure from the air particles don't let the water particles move out of the kettle. They need more energy from the heat to escape. When there is little pressure the water molecules escape easily so the boil faster. They need less energy from the water to escape.

Here is a chart comparing both altitudes.

We can smell things around corners because particles from the solid are always moving so some move off the food and stick into our sensors in our noses. So, the brain identifies the smell and sends a signal to the nose.

Here you can see the red particles from the pizza moving from the pizza, mixing into the air particles and then sticking to our sensors.

My phenomenon:

A bathroom is hot after a shower because the hot particles from the water have more energy so they move from the shower into the glass and the walls. The air particles and the hot water particles mix and create a warm and dense particle.

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